B Recommends - October 2007

Since October is Halloween month, I have a (good) excuse to recommend a vampire book!


Title: Happy Hour at Casa Dracula
Author: Marta Acosta
Genre: Fiction, paranormal
Content Rating: 16+ for sexual references

Non-Spoiler Summary

Milagro De Los Santos is an aspiring author trying to make ends meet. One night, she attends a book release party for her ex-boyfriend and meets a mysterious stranger who introduces himself as Oswaldo Krakatoa. She goes back to his hotel room with him, in part to escape her ex, and ends up infected with vampirism (not vampirism! it's a "medical condition"). Oswaldo (whose real name is Oswald Grant) takes Milagro back to his family's ranch, so his family can take care of her while she heals.

Most of the book deals with Milagro's interactions with Oswald's crazy family, amongst which she is known as "Young Lady." Meanwhile, Young Lady and the Grants must also deal with a secret society that wants to kidnap and run experiments on them, to discover the secret of their medical condition. Throw in an unexpected suitor for Milagro and the return of a long-lost sassy cousin of the Grants, and the life everyone thought they had figured out is in for a scramble!

P.S.: Young Lady gets a pet chicken.


Although it does have its romantic elements, this novel is not a romance book, nor is it horror (far from it). There are two plots: 1) the secret society's plans to kidnap Milagro and the Grants, and 2) Milagro's adjustments (or maladjustments, as the case may be) to life with the Grants and the medical condition she has been infected with. These two plots are intertwined nicely and we see good character development, in particular with Milagro and the matron of the ranch.

The introduction of the cousins adds a really nice twist to the relationships that had been set so far in the book.

Great characters, exciting action, very nice plot twists, and an exciting ending!