[water elemental to be renamed]

Stats Nickname: [TBD]
Race: Elemental
Age: Approx. 4 billion years
Height: 5'7" in human form, 330 ft (length) in serpent form
Element: Water
Markings: One nipple ring
Fav. Vacation Spot: the Swiss Alps for snowboarding
Fav. Drink: Lemonade
Rides: Silver Ferrari Spider [photo]


[water] is the second child of Helios, the sun, and Gaea, earth. Conceived and born shortly after the beginnings of the planet, he is a little under four billion years old. When he came of age, [water] took over reign of the seas from his uncle, known as Poseidon, Neptune, or Nethuns in several civilizations.

Both Helios and Gaea are deceased and have passed their duties to other creatures, none of which are their children. [water]'s older sister, Bruma controls ice and snow, while his younger brother, referred to mostly as Baby Vapor due to his eternal baby form, controls water vapor.


[water] inherited the almond shape of his eyes and his black hair from his mother, who was fully Asian in appearance. No one is too sure where the blue coloration came from, but it seems to be a recurring trait within the family at the second-generation level.

His eyes are silver and reflect moonlight. Some people think he's blind due to his eye color and lack of clear pupils; however, this is a misconception and he does have good vision, albeit not human vision. The piercing was a later addition that he's not very happy about ([water]: "Well, dangit! It hurt!").

His second most common manifestation is that of a serpent three times the length of a blue whale. There have been several sightings of him in this form, recorded and illustrated throughout history ([water]: "I do the snakey thing" ... whatever that means).

A little known fact is that he does not only control water, but water is him and he is it, in an metaphysical form ([water]: "Water. Does a body good" B: *facepalm*).


The word "lunatic" takes a very literal sense when it comes to [water]. His moods and activities are greatly influenced by the moon, Luna, whom he is in love with (albeit platonically, since he's never met her, and she doesn't know he exists). The most common expression of this lunacy is the flow and ebb of the tides, but his moods are just as fickle when he takes human form.

Nevertheless, he is generally upbeat, silly, and quite a prankster. It is this attitude that has kept him looking and feeling young throughout the millenia (Quetzal: "It also gets him electrocuted." [water]: "Hey! I resent that!" Quetzal: *zaps*).


In his function of ruler of the seas and lord of the tides, he owns a residence that could be best compared to a palace underwater. On land, he and his siblings share a small cottage on the shore, that serves more like a sort of vacation home. He alternates between these two residences.

Thanks to countless shipwrecks, sunken cities, and his easy access to pearls, he is insanely rich, and is therefore called upon by his friends to fund their "projects," getaways, and even the pizza nights. If he feels he's running short, it is believed that he just sinks another ship or washes up properties from the shore. Ever wondered what happened to the riches of Atlantis or the jewels on the Titanic? Now you know.

His ongoing infatuation with Luna has kept him from loving anyone else. Not that he's saved himself for her or anything, she's just the one he wishes he was with.

His closest friend is Quetzal, and his arch-rival is [fire].

Has the bad habit of sometimes sticking his tongue out when he's in a good mood.


What's on [water]'s mp3 player? See below and click on the titles to be linked to a sound clip (on amazon) or a video of each song. These are songs that I feel describe his personality.

1. Egypte - Cirque du Soleil
2. Pokinoļ - Cirque du Soleil (video is random)
3. When Doves Cry - Prince
4. Dragostea din Tei - O-Zone (English version)

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