Quetzal ("keht-ZAHL")

Stats             Nickname: K or Quezadilla by [water], Pretzel by Rio

Race: Elemental

Age: Approx. 2000 years old

Height: 5'8" in human form

Elements: Nature and Electricity

Distinctive Jewelry: Jade bead hung on a string around his neck

Fav. Vacation Spot: Some tropical island

Weakness: Hot summer nights under the rain

Originally the Elemental in charge of plants and animals, Quetzal was later given responsibility over rain and thunder, and, consequently, electricity by the former electricity Elemental, Ionos, upon the elder's death.

Quetzal hails from the rainforests of Central and South America.


When not in human form, Quetzal can take the shape of the bird whose name he carries - a quetzal is a small green bird with a long tail.


Quetzal, being the silent type, keeps to himself most of the time. He isn't shy, he just also isn't very outgoing. He is big on meditation and is a genuine tree-hugger.

Rumor has it that he's quite the suave guy with the ladies. When asked about any of this, he'll say he's a one-woman man and doesn't kiss and tell.


[water] could be considered his closest friend, although they also have some sort of rivalry going, possibly due to the nature of their elements. However, when the two attack an enemy together, it's a lethal blow - [water] first soaks the enemy and Quetzal follows it up with lightning. It works well... until they turn on each other, which is usually because [water] has tried Quetzal's patience.

Another source of rivalry between K and [water] is fangirls. Quetzal has been known to have a wide and almost instant appeal to females - no one is quite sure why. This annoys [water] because he has had to "work hard to get fans, and then Quezadilla just pops his head in and takes them all away!"


I stole a mix CD from right out of Quetzal's CD player. This is what I found. Quite the suave guy. Rumor has it that he actually uses this as a soundtrack on some, er, occassions. See below and click on the titles to be linked to the video for each song.

1. La Isla Bonita - Madonna
2. Black Velvet - Alannah Myles
3. 7 Seconds - Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry
4. Lady in Red - Chris De Burgh
5. Rhythm Divine - Enrique Iglesias

Bonus Track: La Bamba - Ritchie Valens

Pictures of Quetzal (new to old, click to enlarge):