Stats Real Name: [Unknown]
Race: Something not human.
Age: 200,000 - 300,000 years old
Height: 5'7"
Markings: White leathery wings on his back; a black dragon tattoo on his pelvis; gold script tattoos on his privates
Occupation: Providing inspiration and moral support to his assigned human; training new muses


Muse is very secretive about himself and especially his past, to the point where he refuses to tell anyone his real name. He also won't say what the script on his tattoo says. So information about him is very scarce. There are, however, a few things he has let slip:

On muses in general A muse is not a race, but rather, a job that creatures of any race can aspire to, provided they show good behavior and the appropriate characteristics. The longer a muse is in service, and the better he or she serves his or her human assignment, the muse rises in ranks. He has served as a muse to humans over several centuries, gaining many areas of expertise (apparently, one he's lacking in is literature) and is now one of the ones in charge of training newer recruits. There are strict rules that govern muses and their assignments, the breach of which results in the death of the muse, regardless of whether they come from a mortal or immortal background. In order to provide inspiration, muses and their assignments share a telepathic connection. A common mistake is that muses are global telepaths. This is a misconception: a muse can only read the mind of his or her assignment; however, a muse with several assignments of experience usually develops a good "human-sense," which is more of a general understanding of how the human mind works, which may allow them to correctly guess what a human who isn't their assignment is thinking or what they will do.

On his background He seems to be of an immortal race, and had another job particular to his race before he made a career change of sorts and went into the inspiration business. This seems to have happened several centuries ago, since he has apparently been a muse for a long time. He once said his kind were descendants of Eros, but refuses to elaborate. He'd make a scary cupid *shudders*

His character/appearance was created for a dolling contest, but B couldn't enter him because in that doll, he wasn't alone, which was against the rules.


Usually calm and collected, on the rare occassion that Muse loses his temper, he becomes very vicious. His two favorite weapons are a short golden katana with some colorful stones on the hilt and a jeweled gilded scabbard, and electrical bolts similar to short-range thunderbolts. The latter is an ability he has been slowly harnessing over the centuries. He has a limited defensive ability of sealing, to some degree, the magical powers of opponents. However, this ability is weak and works well only in specific conditions, or if the other person freely allows their magical powers to be sealed.

One of his abilities is to calm people down, possibly inducing sleep. He can still inspire people while his assignment is asleep, in particular when it comes to getting ideas for writing academic essays.

Muse occassionally goes missing, sometimes when B requires him to provide the inspiration for art that he's suposed to provide. When this happens, he can usually be found, er, comingling, with other people's female muses, which has earned him the nickname "the horny muse."

He has also been known to take bribes, especially in the form of beautiful women, in exchange for making B draw whatever the briber requires.

Yes, he can fly.


I asked Muse to pick a few songs that he felt described him and he came up with these. Maybe they'll tell us a bit more about him. Click on the title to be taken to a youtube video of each song.

1. Dreamweaver - Gary Wright
2. Wrapped Around Your Finger - The Police
3. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - The Eurythmics
4. Master and Servant - Depeche Mode
5. You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi (oh the horror of the hair)

Pictures of Muse (new to old, click to enlarge):