Stats             Race: Angel

Class: Scholar

Age: Unkown

Height: 5'10"

Hobbies: Ceb is getting him into comics and manga

Scholar-class angels are something like a blend between historians and a Research & Development department.

When Alexander put in a request to Heaven for a backup (which he was sure he wasn't going to get, because each planet gets only one warrior angel), he was surprised twice: once for actually getting someone, and then again for just what he got. What's he supposed to do with a scholar, of all classes?! But maybe it's one of those cases where you don't get what you want; you get what you need, whether you know you need it or not.


Use technology to find out as much as possible about what the destructive elementals are planning, in order to try to foil them.


Curly, light blond hair; very light skin that sometimes looks luminescent, but people think that's just their eyes having played a trick on them. Like all other angels (in my universe), Julian can conceal his wings and make it seem like they're not there at all. They use this technique to blend in better with humans and pass undetected.


Julian could be described as an introvert. He prefers getting to work (which, whether in Heaven or on Earth involves research and record-keeping) or hanging out with one or two friends (usually Jon/Ceb and Brynn/Oracle) than hanging out in a crowd and doing noisy/rowdy things.

On Earth, he passes as a human, a high school student, attending the same school and year as Jon, his human best friend; they're both in the senior class. Although he is completely ignorant of it, Julian is very popular with his girl schoolmates, who tend to internally squee and go "He's so cuuute!!!" In his first day of school, shortly after his arrival on Earth, a group of girls tried to ask him out all at once. Seeing himself suddenly surrounded by unknown people all speaking to him at once, he freaked out and froze, and Jon had to go bail him out (Jon, grumbling something along the lines of why can't he get a least some of these guys' tablescraps). Julian, completely ignorant as to human ways (he was so mission-focused that he forgot to research that!) had no idea what all that had been about. Sadly for his admirers, angels aren't interested in romantic or physical relationships!

Pictures of Julian (new to old, click to enlarge):