Stats     Nickname: Fry

Race: unkown

Age: Approx. 10,000 years

Height: 6'1"

Skill: Elemental

Element: Fire

Markings: Flame tattoo on his back; brow piercing

Fav. Drink: Vodka, straight

Ride: Black and red Harley bike [photo]

[name] controls fire on the Earth's surface, and magma below it. He's just the latest in a line of Elementals to have this job, the last one having died in the last Ice Age. He did not learn the lessons of those that came before him.

Form Unlike other Elemetals, [name] remains exclusively in his humanized form. He has hazel eyes and blonde hair, which he keeps either in short spikes or in a mohawk (he likes variety, so he grows it out and cuts it back up). He has a color tattoo shaped like a flame on his back.

His fashion sense runs toward spikes, ripped jeans, black mesh, and lots of leather.


A delinquent, [name] lives to break rules and loves to wreak havoc. He spends his time thinking of ways to piss others off and is addicted to the rush he gets from living in constant danger. Don't tell him he shouldn't do something, because he'll go and do it even before you've finished telling him.

He leads a gang of bikers, which includes his best friend, [TBD]. They perform illegal activities for hire.

His nemes is is [water elemental to be renamed], the brother of his girlfriend.

You know the phrase "playing with fire?" He's fire, so he plays with ice. His current girlfriend is Bruma, the ice Elemental; he craves the excitement from endangering both their lives, and she's not complaining. As an added bonus, by dating her, he gets to piss [water] off (very effectively, might I add).

Before Bruma, he dated [wind], the wind Elemental (we'll skip over his comments about her, but let's just say that she hates him way more than he could ever dislike her; Fry wouldn't mind a second shot, as to why, we'll leave that to your imagination). We don't know why they broke up, but she was so angry with him, that she ran right to Alexander and joined his group just to get back at [fire].


What's on [fire]'s mp3 player? See below and click on the titles to be linked to a sound clip (on amazon) or a video of each song. 1. Informer - Snow
2. Bad Boys - Inner Circle

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