Baby Vapor

Stats Age: a little under 4 billion years
Race: H2O creature Special Ability: Elemental Element: Steam
Fav. Food: Ice-cream
Rides: a baby stroller!


Baby Vapor, or BV, is the third child of Helios, the sun, and Gaea, earth. Conceived and born shortly after the beginnings of the planet, he is a little under four billion years old. Although close in age to his two older siblings, BV likes being a baby so much, that he refuses to grow up!

Both Helios and Gaea are deceased and have passed their duties to other creatures, none of which are their children. BV's oldest sister, Bruma, controls ice and snow, while his older brother control water.


BV's eyes are blue, and, like his two older siblings, he lacks pupils; the area of the eye that is white in humans in black in him. Additionally, he has the ability to change his skin color - to blue! - which happens usually when his emotions run high, either when he's upset or when he's happy.


Baby Vapor is a very laid back child and is usually in a good mood. In fact, many joke that his happiness is contagious - you just can't stay upset when he's around! Despite having lived as long as he has, he retains that sense of novelty and amusement that all children have at seeing and experiencing things; it doesn't take much to make him happy.


He lives in a cottage by the sea. His siblings take turns living there and taking care of him, and sometimes they take him with them to their respective bigger houses - except underwater, he doesn't go there! XD

Pictures of BV (new to old, click to enlarge):