Stats     Race: H2O creature

Special Ability: Elemental

Element: Ice

Age: Unknown

Height: 5'6" in human form; 200 ft (length) in serpent form

Fav. Vacation Spot: The Swiss Alps for skiing

Hobbies: Shopping

Rides: Swarovski-covered Mercedes [photo]

Bruma is the first child of Helios (the sun) and Gaea (the earth), both now deceased. She has two younger brothers: the water elemental and the steam elemental.


In her humanoid form, Bruma most resembles her father, from whom she inherited her blonde hair and pupil-less eyes (her brothers also lack pupils). From their mother, the three siblings inherited pointy ears.

In addition, Bruma can take the form of a sparkling white, winged, serpentine dragon.

In her capacity as a vastly experienced Elemental, she not only controls ice and snow, but can take the form of the element as well.


Bruma is a free spirited lady with a penchant for both luxury and adventure. Not sure how she manages that ... I guess she engages in adventurous things in a very luxurious fashion! She owns properties in both Switzerland and Russia, but she takes turns with [water] to take care of Baby Vapor, who, when not visiting one of his older siblings, lives with one of them in a small cottage by the sea.

Despite her generally carefree nature, the one thing she is extremely serious about is her family - her two brothers - and she takes her role as "big sister" very seriously. However, she does tend to spoil Baby Vapor, who loves it when she makes ice cream for him!


What's on Bruma's mp3 player? See below:

1. "I Like the Way You Move" - Body Rockers

Pictures of Bruma (new to old, click to enlarge):