Stats     Nickname: Alex, Xander, or X; "Chicken Wings" if you're [water elemental to be renamed].

Race: Angel

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'4"

Fav. Vacation Spot: The beach

Hobbies: Surfing, soccer, playing electric guitar

Rides: Jeep Wrangler in army green [photo]

As an angel, he came from Heaven, but no one knows why he came down.


Single white male. Blonde wavy hair. Two white ([water TBR]: "chicken!") wings. Speaking of wings, he can conceal those at will (it's an angel thing, do not question the angel). He usually wears sporty clothes or white traditional gothic-style clothes except when he goes into full-battle mode, when he wears a pearl white armor. Whetever he wears, though, always has a cross design somewhere in it.


Alexander is the self-assigned group leader, and drags others into righting the wrongs of other others in very complicated ways. Think Justice League with a James Bond / Mission Impossible complex. Usually, those "other others" are Ifrit and his gang, who just enjoy causing trouble and making these guys' lives more difficult. On the other hand, they keep Alexander busy.

A somewhat unorthodox angel, Alexander has a short temper and little patience while on the job. Cerebrus, although he seems to be on Alexander's good side, can attest to this shortness of patience. Alexander's recruiting methods are a little on the rough side: Oracle was dragged out of his cave kicking and screaming.

In his free time, Alexander likes to drive his Wrangler to the beach to surf or organize soccer games with the other people. He also plays the electric guitar ... and apparently also possesses other musical talents: one time, during mass, the choir was missing their tenor and he stepped up, offering to fill in (while wearing platform knee-high boots and a ponytail, picture that in your church's choir). When the director lady asked if he could sing, he of course said, "like an angel!" and then proceeded to try to rockalize the choir. We're not sure how that worked out.


He is celibate and intends to remain that way.


What's on Alexander's mp3 player? See below and click on the titles to be linked to a sound clip (on amazon) or a video of each song.

1. An Angel Returned - Trans Siberian Orchestra
2. Christmas Eve in Sarajevo - Trans Siberian Orchestra
3. Goldeneye - Tina Turner

Pictures of Alexander (new to old, click to enlarge):