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I have been online friends with Fredegund long before either of us even knew about dolls! She's also my first sister. We met at a Lord of the Rings board around March of 2002. When I started dolling, she was nice enough to host my images for me. Then, we developed separate dolling sites and became sisters! :-D Visit her site, she's got more than just dolls in there + some sexy boys ;-) Fear us and our high-tech banner! mwahaha
Alison is the first elven sister I had. Her character, Tasariel, and mine, Baranand��n, had an interesting interchange at an award show at a message board. After fighting over Legolas, she invited me over to MEDA, a board she was forming, and then we became sisters, yay! :-D
The Three-Way Sisterhood. I am 1/3 of a sisterhood with Nikki and Tabby.
They are both extremely sweet people and both Elves (what more can one as for? ;-) ) How we became a 3-way sisterhood is a funny story indeed, it was all in MEDA chat. (Plug for MEDA)
Meg   After her dog and I had an "argument," lol Meg and I decided it would be better is SHE and I be sister sites (Instead of her dog and I...which would have brought my dog into action). She's a very cool and funny person. Also met her at MEDA (re-plug MEDA...yes, I'm hopeless)

Caryn is a wonderful friend and doller. I met her at MEDA too; she's really fun to talk to, and makes some of the best hair I have ever seen! *hugs* Plus, she own Haldir's "area." HH1/3H !

Laura   Laura owns, together with Caryn and I, 1/3 of Haldir! She got the head...meaning I got the boots, am I not lucky? ;-) She is a wonderful friend and I really enjoy talking to her online! *hugs* HH1/3H !

Amara is a really sweet person and a REALLY good writer of HP fanfic (she's got serious talent). Not to mention her dolls are amazing; the black hair with blue highlights she makes is just amazing, and her bases (which come in 3 sizes, yay!!!) are some of the coolest ever!

Nikki   Getto-Nikki and I have been talking over MSN for a while; we met on the chat at The Dollhouse. She is really cool and extremely fun to talk to and a great person. And she's a Final Fantasy fan too!! XD XD Although her guys are the FFX ones, mainly Tidus and Auron.

FEAR our banner! mwahaha. Phoebe is such a sweet person! I met her around October 2002, and we joined 300 PS together back then. She's got some serious talent and is extremely nice to talk to. Phobe (aka Annika) is from Estonia, and she's into J-Rock, and it is completely her fault that I am now addicted to the comic Arcana (What have you done to me, woman!?!?)

Thinking back, I met Karlee through Getto-Nikki *points up* We were once talking about Final Fantasy over MSN and she introduced me to Karlee, who also loves FF! :-D We immediately got along extremely well *g* She's an awesome, awesome person who's tons of fun! She says my name reminds her of an old cartoon, and so calls me "Meester BBBB" XD And whenever we give each other CC on dolls, may the world beware! lol Oh and she has very cool hair lol.

I met Luthien at the Prancing Pony forum; we started talking there and then she got into dolls, so Fredegund and I started showing her tutorials and stuff lol. She then came to MEDA and we started talking over MSN and became friends :-D She's a really nice and smart person who loves horse-back riding, has some really cool cats XD, and apparently also likes Final Fantasy! So we have a lot to talk about lol. And she just opened her site, Moo Cat Central, where she has her really cool dolls ... go visit now!

Kat thinks I'm a piece of furniture (or rather, a piece of a piece of furniture) *nods* :-D I'm glad she thinks I'm doing my job as a drawer well, though :-D *keeps holding clothes* LMAO XD jk lol Kat's a really awesome and friendly person, and we have a great time talking about horses, FFs, bishies, and yes. She has both a dolls site and a DA gallery, be sure to check out both, b/c her art is awesome, and she makes male dolls! ... really well! ... go! *hugs Kat* And I am a fangirl of her muse! *waves "I <3 toshi="" i=""> flag*